A Message from the Principal

                               Going trick-or-treating?

S:  Swords, knives, and similar costume accessories should be short, soft, and flexible.

A:  Avoid trick-or-treating alone. Walk in groups or with a trusted adult.

F:  Fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers see you.

E:  Examine all treats for choking hazards and tampering before eating them. Limit the amount of treats you eat.


H:  Hold a flashlight while trick-or-treating to help you see and others see you. Always WALK and don't run from house to house.

A:  Always test make-up in a small area first. Remove it before bedtime to prevent possible skin and eye irritation.

L:  Look both ways before crossing the street. Use established crosswalks wherever possible.

L:  Lower your risk for serious eye injury by not wearing decorative contact lenses.

O:  Only walk on sidewalks whenever possible, or on the far edge of the road facing traffic to stay safe.

W:  Wear well-fitting masks, costumes, and shoes to avoid blocked vision, trips, and falls.

E:  Eat only factory-wrapped treats. Avoid eating homemade treats made by strangers.

E:  Enter homes only if you're with a trusted adult. Only visit well-lit houses. Don't stop at dark houses. Never accept rides from strangers.

N:  Never walk near lit candles or luminaries. Be sure to wear flame-resistant costumes.


Please note the following important weeks celebrated in the month of October:


School Violence Awareness Week – Since 2003, schools and districts have been observing School Violence Awareness Week during the week beginning with the third Monday in October, which is October 20-24 in 2014. For more information visit the NJ State department website listed below.




Week of Respect – Additionally, the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (P.L.2010, c.122) requires that the week beginning with the first Monday in October (October 6-10 in 2014) of each year be designated as a “Week of Respect” in New Jersey. Please visit the website below for more information.



Christine M. Sidwa


Daily Announcements

Marking Perid Breakdown 14-15.xlsx


Please join the Hillside Board of Education in congratulating Hillside High School’s Principal, Christine M. Sidwa.  Mrs. Sidwa was honored on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at the 27th Annual Citation Awards Scholarship Breakfast sponsored by the National Sorority of PHI DELTA KAPPA, INC DELTA PI CHAPTER for her contribution in the complex field of Education.

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Hillside High School DANCE FLYER1 NOVEMBER.doc

Congratulations Hillside High!

Hillside High School placed second  in the national chemistry week competition that took place at the Liberty Science Center on Saturday 10/18/14.

The theme was chemistry in Candy. Students had experiments on how the size of the gummy bears changes in different solutions (Osmosis), candy that floats and the other that sinks(density), Mentos and Soda(Gases), Marshmallow and the syringe (Boyle's law: Volume is inversely related to pressure). The trip was organized by Mrs.Sayedahmed and Mr. Coleman.

Congratulations to
Crystal Smith &  Nasir Walton
October students of the month
Good Job!


Please take a moment to read the attached letter from Mrs. Sidwa regarding the Enterovirus-D68.
Enterovirus letter '14.docx
Please click on the link for the October Breakfast Menu
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Please click on the link to read an informative message from the State of New Jersey Department of Education regarding the Common Core State Standards.
Please click on the link to view the October Lunch Menu
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If your child is between the ages of three and twenty-one, and exhibits physical, sensory, emotional, communication, cognitive or social problems, the child may be eligible for interventions in the general education program, or an evaluation to determine eligibility for special education and related services.  A referral is a written request for an evaluation that is given to the school district when a child is suspected of having a disability and might need special education services.  Parents, school personnel, and agencies concerned with the welfare of a student can make a referral.  If you believe that your child may have a disability, you may refer your child for an evaluation by submitting a written request to your school principal or to Dr. Sandy Mercedes, Supervisor of Special

Student Activities

All Hillside Public School students are eligible to participate in any extra curricular activities scheduled by the schools or Hillside Board of Education either during or after school.  Please consult the monthly newsletter and your child’s teacher for activities. 

Potentially Missing or Abused Children

Dr. Sandy Mercedes, Supervisor of Special Services, serves as the school district’s liaison and primary contact person between the district and child welfare authorities

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973:

The Hillside Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, or social or economic status. The Hillside Board of Education also does not discriminate on the basis of disability with regard to admission, access to services, treatment, or employment in its programs or activities.  Any questions with the scope of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 can be directed to: 

Dr. Sandy Mercedes,

Supervisor of

Special Services

Saybrook Building

Woodruff Avenue

Hillside, NJ 07205

(908) 352-7664 ext. 8448


In partnership with the greater Hillside community, Hillside High School will support the development of active thinkers/leaders and celebrate student achievement and accomplishment.

Promoting a positive school culture, Hillside High School will encourage citizenship through innovative teaching and learning in a global economy.


Hillside High School students will take the initiative to become respectful citizens, creative problem solvers and inspirational leaders who will be equipped with the skill to compete in an ever-changing global economy.

HHS Student Handbook 2014-2015.docx

District Coordinator:

Hillside HS H.I.B. Specialist:
908-352-7664  x8415
1085 Liberty Ave
Hillside, NJ

As per the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR) (P.L.2010, c.122), the Hillside Public Schools has posted its Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act grades to the school district's HIB webpage, and to each individual school's webpage. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Sharon Festante, Anti-Bullying Coordinator if you have any questions.

HIB Self-Assessment Grade

Report forms, policies and other information is located at, 

Thursday, October 30
School Event
HSF Game Night

Friday, October 31
School Event
Happy Halloween

School Event
Varsity Football
@ Delaware Valley
7:00 PM
Saturday, November 1
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Saturday Morning Detention

Sunday, November 2
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