Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement 

Hillside High School students will take the initiative to become respectful citizens, creative problem solvers, and inspirational leaders who will be equipped with the skills to compete in an ever-changing global society. 

Mission Statement

In partnership with the greater Hillside community, Hillside High School will support the development of active thinkers/leaders and celebrate student achievement and accomplishment.

Promoting a positive school culture, Hillside High School will encourage citizenship through rigorous and innovative teaching that encourages students to use their agency to advocate for a more socially just and equitable society while learning in an ever-changing global community. 


  • Every person has a right to a positive, safe and supportive learning environment.

  • Teaching and learning are student-centered and will flourish in an environment of mutual respect.

  • Lifelong learning is essential for success in an ever-changing global society.

  • Responsibility for educational excellence rests with all stakeholders: educators, learners, families and community.

Profile of Graduates

A graduate of Hillside High School will

  • Be a critical, creative and independent problem solver.

  • Engage in current issues related to ethics, environment, politics, economics and society.

  • Exhibit proficiency with technology.

  • Build collaborative and cross-cultural relationships within the community.

  • Exercise leadership and service by advocating for self and others in personal, professional and civic activities.

  • Pursue lifelong learning.